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Hook Set

Matt Allen, Bass Fishing Guide

Matt Allen has been a fisherman for more than twenty-five years, and for someone in his early thirties, that is impressive. Matt has travelled the country for more than a decade searching for trophy-class fish in a variety of species. But, his true passion is hunting the fish that fights harder, strikes faster, and bends a rod deeper, the bass! Matt has caught 55+ bass heavier than 10 lbs on 11 different bodies of water, under all kinds of different weather. Matt's largest bass to date was 17.2 lbs.(Click Here to read the story) Matt isn't like other bass-fisherman who can get stuck in a rut. He has proven that he can adapt to all types of situations and catch the 'big girls' wherever they are hiding. Matt's talents have been put to use in television, magazines, and, his biggest contribution to the sport, his informational blog


What makes Matt different from most fisherman, is his willingness to teach anyone to become a better fisherman. When everyone else was hiding away their tactics and strategies, Matt started his own blog Matt was giving anglers of all skill levels, around the world, an in-depth look at the techniques a world-class bass angler uses to catch more and bigger fish.


Now you have the opportunity to spend a day on the water and learn first hand how to put these techniques together in a meaningful way. Matt will explain what you need to do and when, but most importantly why you are doing it! Because Matt takes the time to teach, you will be able to go to your home waters and catch better fish. You will be adding new skills to your repertoire, skills you may have never even heard of. When the day ends, you will leave with great photos, great memories, and you will be a better fisherman.